Historic / Industrial

Historic/ Industrial

The Hist/Ind series offers profiles that match many heritage buildings. Its classic Arrow Head muntin is instantly recognizable. This series is easily rolled into any variation of arched, round and elliptical shapes as called for by the designer.

     Available in the following window configurations: fixed, casement, awning and hopper. Doors are available in two swing versions: Décor (light duty) and Legacy (tube framed heavy duty).

     Glazing for ¼” glass is provided with snap on or screw on stop options. 1/8” to ½” glazing could be silicone or puttied in.

Fixed, projected, horizontal pivot and casement sash

Hinged, bi-fold and sliding doors

Frame sections with historic arrowhead profile

Frames and muntins to have 3/8” glazing leg

Combined frame and ventilator weight min. 2.39 lbs. per linear ft.

Muntin weight .88 lbs. per linear ft.

Accepts up to 1/4” glass with glazing stops

Accepts up to 1/2” glass putty glazed

Paint and galvanized finishes available

Meets historical criteria

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